About Dr. Wirths

1981 was a year of significant change for Phuong T. Nguyen. He would escape his country of birth and be referred to as "one of those boat people that escaped Vietnam." He left in the middle of the night by boat with only the clothes on his back. After six days at sea, the small boat arrived in Malaysia, where a camp was there to receive people like him — refugees. He would soon be transferred to the Philippines, where he waited to be assigned a home.

Dr. Wirths and His Family

Coming to America

After one full year, his dream of coming to the United States had come true. Catholic Social Services worked with child refugees and provided a foster home in New Jersey for Phuong. After five years, he became a citizen of the United States and changed his last name to Wirths, after his foster father, Wallace Wirths.


Years quickly passed as Phuong excelled in middle school and high school in Sussex, New Jersey. He attended college at the University of Scranton in Scranton, PA, and graduated in 1991 with a degree in biology. He met his wife, Debbie, at the U of S, and they got married in 1995 upon his graduation from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medical School. Yet another dream — becoming a doctor — had come true.

Phuong and Debbie stayed in the Philadelphia area while Phuong completed his residency training in Allentown, PA. Then in 1998, Phuong was offered his first job as a family practice physician for DuBois Regional Medical Center in DuBois, PA. He was assigned an office in Grampian, PA.

His Family

In 2003, Phuong and Debbie started a family. They adopted Brady, a 10-year-old boy whom Phuong had met through Big Brothers Big Sisters. Then in 2004, they had Julia. Phuong's next big dream had come true — becoming a father.

Striking Out on His Own

After 16 years of being an employee, another dream came true — Phuong became his own boss. On January 1, 2015, Fore Your Health Family Doctor opened its doors. After two months, Phuong and his staff moved to their new location in Curwensville and are currently accepting new patients.